Democracy is more than a form of government. It is a way of life that can be strengthened through spiritual practices — both those traditionally considered to be “inner work” and those that encourage active engagement with our neighbors and communities. The Practicing Democracy Guides give you specific ways to practice democracy at home, at work, on the Internet, and in other settings.

  • Practicing Democracy with Children: Children come naturally to some democratic values, like pursuit of happiness and love of freedom. Other ideals — like recognizing that we are all equal and seeking the common good — need practice. This guide encourages children's democratic engagement at home and in their communities.
  • Practicing Democracy with Your Faith Community: Faith communities serve as pillars of light modeling civility and hospitality to the stranger; they boldly denounce injustice and offer programs to enhance the common good. Here are some ways your faith community can strengthen the bonds within our democracy.

For more information about the Values, Visions, and Spiritual Practices chart used in these guides, please see The Language of Democracy.