• George Caleb Bingham's Election Series
    Portrait painting was Bingham's bread-and-butter art, but by far the most unusual and fascinating paintings done by Bingham were designed to spread his ideal of free people and free institutions. Most famous of these are his Election Series.
  • John August Swanson: Artist and Activist
    John Swanson's art advocates for the people and the Earth. Issues covered include fresh drinking water, hunger, immigration policy, nuclear weapons, solitary confinement, the death penalty, environmental degradation, sustainability, and peace.
  • A People's Art History of the United States
    With over 200 images, this book takes us from the colonial period through modern times, showing us how radical artists spoke truth to power during the American revolution, the movement to abolish slavery, the women's suffrage and later feminist movements, the civil rights movement, and the antiwar movement.