Citizenship Vow Ritual
by Hannah Arin and Mary Ann Brussat
In spiritual and community circles, it is common for people to make vows expressing their aspirations, commitments, and intentions. Here's an opportunity to make your own Citizenship Vow by choosing three values, three virtues, and three spiritual practices from a chart offering an array of ideas about what's important in a democracy.

Voting Ritual

by Hannah Arin
This voting ritual, designed for group or individual use, sets a strong intention to benefit all those whom your vote will affect: those whose voices are not heard, those you love, the bridge builders, the leaders, and your own many facets. When you lead this ritual with a group, you may want someone to introduce it along the lines of this call to remember that we are never alone.

Tax Day Ritual
by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat
This ritual is designed for individuals and families to use when they are paying their taxes. It provides opportunities to reflect upon what your taxes pay for – the government services and benefits for which you are grateful and the expenditures for which you are sorrowful to have to support.