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Living Spiritual Teachers Project:

Kent Nerburn
by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat

• Author of spiritual stories and essays

• Educator involved in Native American issues

• A sculptor who now crafts books


Kent Nerburn is an author, sculptor, and educator who has been deeply involved in Native American issues and education. He developed and directed an award-winning oral history project on the Red Lake Ojibwe reservation in Northern Minnesota. In addition to being a program evaluator for the Minnesota Humanities Commission and serving on their selection board, he has served as a consultant in curriculum development for the American Indian Institute in Norman, Oklahoma, and has been a presenter before various groups, including the National Indian Education Association, and the President's blue ribbon panel on Indian Education.

Nerburn has served as project director for two books of oral history — To Walk the Red Road and We Choose to Remember. He has also edited three highly acclaimed books on Native American subjects: Native American Wisdom, The Wisdom of the Great Chiefs, and The Soul of An Indian. He is the author of a series of sterling books of essays and personal stories that reveal the deep meaning to be found in family, art, nature, and everyday spirituality.

Kent Nerburn holds a Ph.D. in both Theology and Art, and lives with his family in northern Minnesota.


Read For:
• Exquisite essays on the beauty and bounties of nature and community

• Stirring and passionate advocacy of Native American spirituality

• A call to live each day in wonder, intention, love, and service of others


Practicing Spirituality with Kent Nerburn
Listen to the wonders all around you.


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