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Manning Up Kay Hymowitz on preadults having the feeling of being in continuous transition.
The Man on the Train (L'Homme du train) A marvelously acted French film about two men past their prime who cross each other's paths and yearn for something completely different in their lives.
Talk to Her A multi layered film which centers around two men who have the gift of tears and the patience to explore the different delineations of love and compassion.
Elling A Norwegian film that celebrates an unusual friendship and the uncanny ways two eccentrics come into their own.
The Low Down The story of a twenty-something facing changes in his life.
Men of Honor The obstacles faced by an African-American training to be a Navy Diver.
Among Giants Offers a few new twists on the theme that love always changes everything and, for that reason, is both exhilarating and scary.
She's the One A lively romantic comedy with its incisive depiction of sibling rivalry and sexual politics.
Betrayal Explores the strange things we do to ourselves and to others in the name of love.
The Duellists A tightly structured, well-acted, and cinematically alluring film about a relic of bygone years -- the gentleman's code of honor.