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Now and Then Another installment of the author's memoir that puts storytelling together with imagination.
The Cave of the Heart A fascinating spiritual biography of a Benedictine monk in India who found in Hinduism his yearning to lay hold of eternity in the present moment.
Autobiography of a Yogi The 60th anniversary edition of a classic autobiography that should be in every library.
In Search of Stones Recounts his three-week trip through the countryside of Wales, England, and Scotland with Lily, his wife of 33 years.
Invisible Means of Support A spiritual autobiography of a man whose life was spiritually transformed.
Martin Luther A rounded and revealing portrait of the controversial religious reformer.
Pope John XXIII The life and the work of the Pope who opened the door to renewal in the Catholic church.
Crazy Horse A terse and enlightening biography of the legendary Sioux warrior.
Thomas Merton the Man A fascinating portrait of the Trappist monk by one of his closest friends.
The Grey Fox Richard Farnsworth emanates roguish strength and independence as a legendary train robber.