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The Spirituality and Practice e-newsletter is a regular update from Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat with teaching stories and links to new posts on the site.

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• understand that islam means "peace" or "submission" and the surrender of your desires to the Divine Order
• affirm "There is no god but God" and trust in the spiritual nature of reality
• follow the example and advice of the Prophet Muhammad
• learn from the Qur'an as a Divine revelation, a repository of truth, and a guide for living
• feel a connection to a cycle of prayer spanning the globe five times a day
• mirror God's beneficence by giving generously to others
• discover the spiritual benefits of fasting during Ramadan
• face all trials and tests with gratitude and patience
• work to establish an economically and socially just society
• reflect upon the value of pilgrimage and, if Muslim, make a pilgrimage to Mecca
• be hospitable to other faith perspectives and the long line of prophets
• acknowledge that God is beautiful and loves beautiful music, poetry, architecture, and more

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Koran by Heart

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O God, Give Me Light
A prayer to bring the light of God into your life.

Embrace Dissatisfaction with Compassion
Giving yourself permission to feel is the first step to healing.

Fasting of the Heart
A practice for keeping God in your heart.

Acts of Charity in Daily LIfe
Engage these simple acts of charity into your life.

Etiquette Concerning Sneezing
What the Prophet would say when someone sneezes.

Remembering Death
A practice to help us keep a balanced perspective on life.

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