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Spiritual Practice Toolkit A wide variety of practices, inspired by all the religious and spiritual traditions, for what’s happening in your life today.
The Way of Passion Rumi's Gifts to the World.
The spiritual exercise of silence The spiritual exercise of silence
Sick time, only sick Sick time, only sick
The Force of Kindness Astute and practical commentary on a spiritual practice that can change your life.
Choosing Peace through Daily Practices Essays from faculty at Claremont School of Theology on the moral challenge of peacebuilding in these violent times.
Life-Changing Affirmations A practical spiritual collection of affirmations, meditations and prayers.
Knitting Heaven and Earth A tribute to knitting as a way of healing the heart.
The Seeker's Way Charts the joys and challenges of this adventuresome path.
The Wisdom of the Desert Models for contemporary Christians a life of serious spiritual practice.