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The Five Things We Cannot Change . . . Ideas and spiritual practices that are gateways to contentment.
The Way of Passion Rumi's Gifts to the World.
Melannie Svoboda in Frederic Brussat's Twitter Collection Make room for beauty
Eihei Dogen in Enlightenment Unfolds Most appropriate way of expressing gratitude
Mahatma Gandhi in Frederic Brussat's Twitter Collection The most spiritual act is the most practical
The Wisdom of Sri Chinmoy On the importance of developing the spiritual practice of patience.
Vincent Van Gogh in Marriage from the Heart Hope for better times
In the Presence of Masters Material on meditation, personal practice, and spiritual realization.
The Upper Room Dictionary of Christian Spiritual Formation A summary of the key people, practices, and ideas of the Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox traditions.
Enjoy Every Sandwich Lee Lipsenthal on how the spiritual practice of gratitude means facing reality.