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The Golden Age of Zen A classic collection of stories, poems, koans, and spiritual exercises.
Melannie Svoboda in Frederic Brussat's Twitter Collection Make room for beauty
The Time Paradox Philip Zimbardo and John Boyd asking the Zen who, when, how are you questions to bring you into the present.
Mahatma Gandhi in Frederic Brussat's Twitter Collection The most spiritual act is the most practical
The Force of Kindness Astute and practical commentary on a spiritual practice that can change your life.
Vincent Van Gogh in Marriage from the Heart Hope for better times
God 101 Rabbi Terry bookman on faith that not doing something can be a good thing.
The Upper Room Dictionary of Christian Spiritual Formation A summary of the key people, practices, and ideas of the Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox traditions.
Jane Dobisz in One Hundred Days of Solitude Joy comes from appreciation
7th Heaven Sheds light on the practices that make this holy day one of such spiritual uplift.