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Rabi'a in Doorkeeper of the Heart First the Neighbor then the House
Jelaluddin Rumi in Frederic Brussat's Twitter Collection Every object and being
Opening Our Heart A three-movement practice for uncovering our heart quality.
The Sufi Book of Life A poetic, practical, and enlightening introduction to this mystical path.
Adoring the Heart Telling yourself "I love you."
Living Presence Kabir Helminski on reverence for all things and beings.
Sacred Holding Accepting your feelings as valid.
James Fadiman, Robert Frager in Essential Sufism How can I take "I" out of "me"?
Taking the World into Our Heart A practice for a prayer of the heart that includes the earth and the whole of creation in our prayers.
Kabir Helminski in The Knowing Heart It is only in the remembrance of God that hearts