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Show Up A self-help spiritual and inspirational guide for women on the Muslim path.
Kabir Kabir's poem on the ecstasy of love.
The Soul Is Here for Its Own Joy A poem about beauty The Clay Jug by Kabir.
The Soul Is Here for Its Own Joy Kabir's poem on beauty.
What's Right with Islam Points out the common ground and the directions we can take to bring about a more hospitable and peaceful world.
The Rug Merchant A beautifully written and richly satisfying cross-cultural novel about transformation set in New York City.
Muhammad Sarah Conover on surrender to dependence on God as one of the key elements of Islam.
The Book of Language Definitions of over 200 key Islamic spiritual, philosophical, and metaphysical terms by a Mevlevi shaikh who has spent 30 years translating the concepts of this religion.
The Vision of the Qur'an A large and impressive collection of selections from the Qur'an along with commentaries that reveal the depth and breadth of Muslim faith.
Following Muhammad Challenges us to respect the multiple meanings of this rich and diverse religious tradition.