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Bukhari Hadith 3:646 in Blessing the Animals There is a reward for serving
Omid Safi, Muhammad in Memories of Muhammad Three things have been made lovely to me
Karen Armstrong in Islam Muhammad's message is the same as all religions
James Frager, editor, Robert Fadiman, editor in Essential Sufism Best insurance that the abundance will continue
Karen Armstrong in Muhammad: A Biography of the Prophet Muslims coexist with people of other religions.
Asma Hasan in Why I Am a Muslim Muhammad treated women as equals
Mahatma Gandhi in Mohandas Gandhi: Essential Writings Nonviolence succeeds only when we have a living faith
Neil Douglas-Klotz in The Sufi Book of Life Sacred unity will take ten steps
Letting Go of I for You A reflection on letting go of your own needs for a greater good.
The Passionate Troubadour Edward Hays' fictional story of hospitality between St. Francis and a Sufi.