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The Physics of Angels A good case for the re-sacralization of the world.
Angels & Mortals A timely and edifying cross-cultural look at these beings on Christian, Hindu, and Islamic traditions.
A Gathering of Angels An admirable survey of the evolving role of angels over three thousand years of Jewish history.
Angels A theologian and a scientist on the connections between angels, artists, and prophets.
The Angel Book Aims to help individuals get in touch with the angel inside.
Valkyries A modern day morality play about questing, God, angels, forgiveness, yearning and paradise.
Angels Unawares Anthony De Mello with a teaching story on grace.
Wings of Desire A classic film about angels in Berlin that celebrates the sensuous earthy delights of life and love with sympathy and sensitivity.
Faraway, So Close! Speaks forcefully to those who believe in angels and their providential place in our lives.