During 2021 we are celebrating the 15th Anniversary of our website! During these years, we have provided thousands of book and film reviews, endless quotes, inspiring poetry, curated content on diverse topics, e-courses and online retreats, and thousands upon thousands of tips and tools to explore the power and beauty of spiritual practices. Each month more than 200,000 people from all over the world access these free resources for their spiritual journeys.

The year 2020 was an especially significant year for us as millions of people visited SpiritualityandPractice.com looking for hope, support, and practices to help make sense of a world divided and clearly out of balance. Feeling the struggle and pain in our social, political, ecological, and economic communities, we realize that our work is more important than ever.

Spiritual practice is a way forward, a path of connection and re-connection that will uplift us as individuals, communities, and engaged members of the family of life on Earth.

Over the last year we have also heard from you. Our community has told us that you want to continue to grow. You have told us that you love meeting each other, sharing your concerns, and discovering spiritual practices that help. You are also looking for easier ways to find what you want on our website, and you would like our following to become more of a community than ever -- one that reaches out to diverse groups around the world.

In light of this special moment in our history, we are undertaking a substantial capital campaign "Connecting through Spiritual Practice." Our goal is to raise $350,000. This will cover:

  • a complete redesign of the website (with a critically needed software upgrade) to add new features so we can do more spiritual practices together;
  • expansion of our team to cover new programs and initiatives;
  • and additional outreach to a variety of audiences.

Because we are most interested in responding to your interests and needs, we will be reaching this month with a survey so you can help us refine our capital campaign plans.

What a blessing it would be if 3,500 of the people who regularly use our website, receive our newsletters on new content and program updates, participate in our e-courses, and follow us on social media were each to make a donation of $100. We could reach or exceed our goal in no time!

We trust in the abundance of our universe, the gratefulness of our community, and the importance of our mission. Please make a gift to S&P today and be part of our work to build connections around the world through spiritual practice.

Everyone who makes a donation of $200 or more will be invited to join our new Executive Director, best-selling author Jonathan Ellerby, for three separate one-hour live (and recorded) interviews with beloved spiritual teachers Cynthia Bourgeault, Mirabai Starr, and Thomas Moore.

Please follow the link below to choose your donation amount. All gifts of any size will be gratefully received. And if you are unable to give at this time, we would appreciate your good thoughts and prayers.