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Directors' Statement on Jesus Camp The film directors' commentary on two parallel Americas.
An Interview with Bahman Ghobadi An interview with the director of the Iranian film Turtles Can Fly
Lucy Walker's Blog Lucy Walker describes the genesis of her interest in garbage.
Mark Pellington - Director's Statement The director of Henry Poole Is Here about the film's themes and characters, and his life experience that helped him connect with the story.
A Statement from Lucy Walker On making the movie.
An Interview with Doris Dorrie The director talks about her documentary on Zen master and master chef Edward Brown.
An Interview with Julie Bertuccelli The director talks about her new film The Tree.
An Interview with Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman Behind the scenes with the directors of the Internet documentary Catfish.
Norris Chumbley Director's Statement For his documentary Mysteries of the Jesus Prayer, an overview of Eastern spirituality in our time with its emphasis on prayer, silence, and living icons.
An Interview with Silvio Soldini A Q & A with the Italian director about his film Come Undone.