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An Interview with Phil Cousineau An interview with the author about The Olympic Odyssey, his book about the mythology, history, soul, and spirit of the Games.
An Interview with Robert Benson Frederic talks to the author on why he wrote Moving Miss Peggy about his mother's dementia and what families can learn from it.
An Interview with Renee Peterson Trudeau The authors talks about her book Nurturing the Soul of Your Family.
A Q & A with Todd Miller An interview about Todd Miller's book on the expansion of the U.S. Border Patrol.
Creating Your Best Life On coping in difficult times, connecting with nature, the value of a spiritual mentor, and the purpose of pain on the spiritual path.
Interview with Robert Farrar Capon The author talks with Frederic Brussat about his novel Exit 36.
An Interview with Megan McKenna An interview with the Catholic teacher and activist on the messages in her new book On Your Mark.
An Interview with Karen Maezen Miller The author talks about her new book Paradise in Plain Sight
An Interview with Sam Keen An interview with the philosopher about his book about extraordinary encounters with ordinary birds.
An Interview with Stan Goldberg The author talks about his book Leaning Into Sharp Points: Practical Guidance and Nurturing Support for Caregivers.