On-Demand E-Courses

Retreats on Classic Practices Step-by-step instructions from well-known spiritual teachers on practices from the world’s religions. Emailed lessons, audios, videos, teleconferences.
Retreats on Sacred Texts Passages from sacred texts and commentaries by our teachers on living the wisdom. Rumi, The Gospel of Thomas, The Psalms, The Gospels, A Course in Miracles, the Qur’an, the Tao Te Ching, and more.
Elder Spirituality E-Courses For elders by elders, e-courses that reframe aging. Plus practical programs on the spiritual work of this stage of life.
Practicing Spirituality: The Religions 40-part programs using representative excerpts from books by teachers from each tradition, each with a suggestions for how to practice the wisdom in your daily life.
Practicing Spirituality: Places, Activities & Relationships 40-part programs using book excerpts and practice suggestions to show how to be spiritual at home, at work, in nature, during illness, with children, and more.
Practicing Spirituality: Master Teachers 40-part programs using excerpts from the writings of spiritual masters as the starting points for a variety of everyday spiritual practices.
21-day Programs Spiritual nuggets and practice suggestions for your personal transformation. Inspired by the idea that it takes three weeks to change a habit or start a new practice. Work with change, worry...
Other Offerings For when you don’t have time for a month-long e-course. Weekend retreats, mini-Sabbaths, and other formats.

Our E-Courses

Most of us love to go away on a spiritual retreat to:

  • reflect upon our lives,
  • nurture our connection to Spirit,
  • discover great teachers,
  • learn spiritual practices,
  • find a spiritual community.

We bring the retreats to you! S&P e‑courses, designed to fit your schedule and your budget, turns your email inbox into a spiritual retreat center.

More About Our E‑Courses


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