Project Overview Elder Spirituality An introduction to our curated content for elders and those who work with them and care for them.
On-Demand E-Course Learning to Accept Grief as a Lifelong Companion You are invited to follow lessons and stories in which your grief is welcomed.
Book Deathbed Wisdom of the Hasidic Masters Forty-two end-of-life stories about Hasidic seers.
Book Excerpt The Spirituality of Age by Robert L. Weber, Carol Orsborn A story from Margaret Mead that illustrates the value of the elderly to a society.
Children's Book Grandma Rose's Magic by Linda Elovitz Marshall A heartwarming children's story about a community showing its appreciation for an elderly woman's talent for sewing.
DVD My Love, Don't Cross That River An emotionally jubilant celebration of marital love.
Practice Intercessory Prayers and Your Medicines Mary C. Earle's suggestions for how to connect with others taking the same medicines.
Art Reflection Old Man in Prayer Reflections on a painting of an elder engaged in wordless prayer of the heart.

Our Philosophy

Traditionally in the world’s religions, elderhood is a time for intensified spiritual work and for passing on wisdom to other generations. S&P’s Elder Spirituality Project identifies resources for this stage of life for elders and those who work with them. We believe that getting older can be a rewarding spiritual adventure. We invite you to read our overview of the project to see what the time of spiritual eldering means to us and what spiritual eldering practices do for us.