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Heaven Is a Place on Earth Utopian groupies and dreamers.
Heaven Is a Place on Earth Desires for a more perfect world that result in communal living.
Resurrection Hope A call to white Christians to fight injustice, first by looking at themselves.
Resurrection Hope The vision of God’s just future.
Woody Guthrie A personal look at one of the great singer-songwriter spiritual activists of the last century.
Just Help A cheerful book emphasizing the power of collaborative efforts.
How to Practice Democracy in Response to the News Suggestions for expanding awareness, staying calm, and seeking guidance when you take in distressing news.
Lucky Life Jay McDaniel's invitation to chant the grace mantra.
A More Perfect Union An exploration of the power of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s moral vision to heal U.S. divides today.
A More Perfect Union Insights into the radical welcome that a Beloved Community extends to immigrants.