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The Good Lord Bird A rousing, ribald, and immensely engaging miniseries on the crusade of abolitionist John Brown to free America's slaves.
The National Road A captivating collection of essays about the national character of the United States.
Caste A summary of the massive programming in The Matrix movies as a metaphor for the invisible caste system.
Caste A hard-hitting and enlightening expose on the caste system in the United States.
How to Practice Democracy at a Family Dinner or Reunion Suggestions from a group of spiritual leaders about how to handle this common situation when those of different opinions and worldviews may be present.
Election Day (U.S.) (PDP) An opportunity to express our values and visions on the first Tuesday following the first Monday in November.
Freedom Substantive overview of the history of freedom.
All In: The Fight for Democracy Informative documentary on the history of voting rights and the threats to it in our time.
What the Constitution Means to Me Live Broadway cast production of a play about how the personal becomes political.
The Trial of the Chicago 7 Courtroom drama about the demonization of dissent which continues to this day.