Project Overview The Practicing Democracy Project An overview of our curated resources and spiritual practices for individuals and groups wanting to practice democracy. (Click on the blue icons to navigate to other content sections.)
Project Resources Democracy in Action Suggested practices, talks, projects, and rituals for promoting a healthy democracy.
Program Plans Practicing Democracy Guides Ways to practice democracy at home, at work, on the Internet, and in other settings.
Blog Practicing Democracy Blog Stories about how people are demonstrating their commitments to democratic values and virtues in a wide variety of settings.
Topic Humility A variety of ways to discover a lowly virtue that deserves to be held in high esteem.
Documentary What is Democracy? A thought-provoking documentary presenting the challenges and flaws of democracy from ancient Greece to modern times.
Teachers Democracy Mentors Visionaries who have brought their insights and expertise to bear on creating healthy democracy.
We the People Book Club Reading Guides Downloadable guides examining the values and visions of American life in book-club literary selections.

Our Philosophy

Democracy is more than the system of government; it is a way of life based upon citizens' commitment to the common good. The Practicing Democracy Project — a collaboration between Spirituality & Practice and The Fetzer Institute — is curating resources and spiritual practices for different constituencies wanting to support a flourishing democracy. We invite you to read our overview of the project to see how democracy can be strengthened and deepened through spiritual practices.

Project News

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