Spirituality & Practice provides resources and community opportunities for a global circle of people vitally engaged with the wisdom and practices of the spiritual traditions. In this work, we are blessed to have the support of and to collaborate with other organizations who share this mission. Our partners help us get the word out about what we are doing and often provide content for our e-courses and online retreats. We, in turn, recommend that you visit their websites (click on the logos) to learn more about their important work.

Benetvision the works of Joan Chittister
Benetvision exists to encourage the development of contemporary spirituality from a monastic, feminist, and global perspective through the works of Joan Chittister.

Charter for Compassion International provides an umbrella for people to engage in collaborative partnerships worldwide, bringing to life the principles articulated in the charter through concrete, practical action in a myriad of sectors.
Community of the Mystic Heart
The Community of The Mystic Heart, originating in the work of Wayne Teasdale, is dedicated to the realization of a new civilization grounded in and acting from the contemplative, compassionate, and loving heart.

Contemplative Outreach
Contemplative Outreach, which has grown out of the work of Thomas Keating, is a community of individuals and Centering Prayer groups committed to living the contemplative dimension of the Gospel in everyday life.
The Contemplative Society
The Contemplative Society is an inclusive non-profit association that encourages a deepening of contemplative prayer based in the Christian Wisdom tradition while also welcoming and being supportive of other meditation traditions. The Society supports the work of Cynthia Bourgeault.

Fetzer Institute helps catalyze and support a broad-scale, spiritually grounded transformation from an ego-centered way of being grounded in separation and fear to an all-centered way of being grounded in oneness and love.
Based on the work of David Steindl-Rast, A Network for Grateful Living is a global organization which offers online and community-based educational programs and practices to catalyze the transformative power of personal and societal responsibility.

The Interfaith Observer (TIO) is a free independent digital publication for those interested in advancing interfaith understanding and cooperation. It is housed within the Religica Theolab inside the Center for Ecumencial and Interreligious Engagement at Seattle University.

Interspiritual Multiplex

This multi-faceted online guide and directory to the interspiritual experience worldwide explores how the “Mystic Heart” in all of us comprehends the underlying unity and interconnection of all things.

KidSpirit is a nonprofit online magazine and community by and for youth to engage each other about life’s big questions in an inclusive spirit. It promotes understanding among teens of diverse backgrounds and supports their emergence as world citizens with strong inner grounding.
Monasteries of the Heart
Monasteries of the Heart is a monastery “without walls” -- it unites individuals and groups by Benedictine values not necessarily geographic location. Monasteries of the Heart provides individual seekers a monastic website for spiritual sustenance and personal growth.

One Spirit Learning Alliance
A seminary which inspires and advances the evolution of sacred consciousness in service to individuals, communities, and the earth.
Progressive Christianity
This defining voice for progressive Christianity supports individuals, small groups, and churches in their evolving faith, and strives to positively transform the world through spirituality, informed theology, social justice, and environmental stewardship.

Sage-ing International is dedicated to helping elders reclaim their role as leaders, sharing wisdom and spirit essential to creating a better world for current and future generations.

Spiritual Directors International is an inclusive, global learning community that serves and supports the ministry and service of spiritual direction.

Spiritual Paths
Going well beyond the spiritual rapprochement of traditional interfaith events, Spiritual Paths offers a broad-based continuum of experiential, topic-oriented seminars, weekend retreats, publications, online classes, and a two-year certificate program on InterSpiritual Wisdom.

Stillpoint is an open, inclusive community that exists to form deeply grounded spiritual directors, and to live together in a contemplative life of faith, spiritual practice, and action. You can read about their innovative spiritual direction program in collaboration with Spirituality & Practice here.

The Threshold Society
The Threshold Society, rooted within the traditions of Sufism and inspired by the life and work of Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi, is a non-profit educational foundation with the purpose of facilitating the experience of Divine Unity, Love, and Truth in the world.

The Upper Room
The Upper Room magazine’s mission is to provide a model of practical Christianity that is accessible in varied formats, to help people feel welcomed into God’s presence and to link their stories with God’s story.