The Basic Practice

The word enthusiasm is derived from the roots en — in or within — and theos — God. It means having God within or being one with God. People with this gift carry a special kind of energy. They bring warmth and feeling to their relationships and vigor and freshness to their activities.

To practice enthusiasm, make others aware when you are excited about something. Throw yourself into your projects. Be known for your eagerness, your curiosity, your willingness to give it all you've got. Proclaim your passions. Hold nothing back. Sing your heart out.

Why This Practice May Be For You

Enthusiasm is invigorating. It helps you get up and go. It is a good prescription, then, when you are feeling lethargic and listless, when your energy seems frozen.

Enthusiasm counterbalances apathy and boredom, two common blocks to an engaged spiritual life. A sluggish spirit just doesn't care about anything. The world isn't interesting enough; there's a dreary sameness to all your activities.

When fatigue or another of these conditions has you dragging through your days, when you find that you've replaced wonder with whatever, go for enthusiasm. If you can't muster it from within, surround yourself with enthusiastic people.

Daily Cue, Reminder, Vow, Blessing

  • Seeing sports fans cheering their team, or an audience clapping for a performer, is a cue for me to practice enthusiasm.
  • Looking up at the radiance of the stars, I am reminded to let my enthusiasm for life shine brightly.
  • Watching someone who obviously relishes what her or she is doing, I vow to practice enthusiasm.
  • Blessed is the Energy of Life who inspires us to be enthusiastic about all that we do.