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A Prayer of Unknowing
A prayer to embrace the unfathomable depths of God.
A prayer for justice and mercy.
The Gift of Peace and Love
A devotional prayer practice on forgiveness and love from Anthony de Mello.
Your Peace
Dom Helder Camara's prayer to embody God's peace.
We say, "Yes, yes"
An excerpt from Walter Brueggemann's prayer on facing and surrendering to God.
Earth Prayer
A prayer paying tribute to the earth and what it teaches us.
Prayer for Our Journeys
A traditional prayer for a long journey or a daily one.
Dancing for Joy
A prayer that salutes dance as an act of devotion.
Bite Your Tongue
An unspoken prayer ritual for those times we are tempted to utter unkind words.
A Perfect Balance
A prayer for true nourishment.
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