New Releases

Armageddon Love and mercy over vengeance.
Men's Work Tools for men to free themselves.
Enchantment Lyrical wisdom toward re-enchantment.
The Power of Wonder Opening yourself to wonder.
This Here Flesh A contemplative storyteller for days of rage and repair.
Finding the Words Grieving well by learning to talk about it.
Grace in the Gray What is more important than the position you advocate.
Living the Art of Loving How to listen, navigate conflicts, and find unity with others.
Heart to Heart A talking panda and the real Dalai Lama with a vital lesson.
Where Are You? Living inside the big questions.

Children's Books

The Green Piano A five-time Grammy winner's childhood inspiration.
Don't Kill the Bugs A story about respect and protection for even the smallest among us.
The Art and Life of Hilma af Klint A fascinating biography of an artist who was ahead of her time.
I Am Not Afraid A gentle, contemporary retelling of a most beloved psalm.

Our Philosophy

When reading exercises your faith, fires your imagination, stirs your soul, and expands your circle of compassion, it is a spiritual practice. Frederic and Mary Ann share some specific ways they deepen their reading experiences.