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Living on Planet Earth A reflection, prayer, and scripture for the suffering caused by humans.
Nature as “Thou” A reflection, prayer, and scripture on our relationship to the natural world.
Lamentation of Endangered Species A cry for life from those with whom we share our planet.
Meditation on a Pebble A meditation on a pebble to remind us of the sacredness of everything.
How to Love Animals Specific actions to demonstrate that you not only love animals but want to protect and support them.
Reflections on The Honest Bear A poetic chance to experience being supported by the Earth and her creatures.
Prayers for Nature's Well-Being Blog posts about climate-related disasters from "Praying the News."
Jane A soul-stirring cinematic tribute to Jane Goodall and her reverence for chimpanzees.
Native Echoes Captivating meditations on the poetics of place and the Native American path of walking in beauty.
Civility Practices, articles, books, excerpts, quotes, and more about what it means to be civil and how to develop this essential quality.