Project Overview The Reverence Project An introduction to our focus on reverence through curated content and spiritual practices. It includes many definitions of reverence in today's world.
Book Albert Schweitzer: Essential Writings Selections from the writings and talks.
Book Excerpt Experiencing Spirituality by Ernest Kurtz & Katherine Ketcham An explanation of how awe is the original spiritual act.
Art Feature The Rainbow Landscape A lovely painting that tutors us in the art of immersion, wonder, and beauty.
Film Jane A soul-stirring cinematic tribute to Jane Goodall and her reverence for chimpanzees.
Spiritual Practice Hold a Council of All Beings Speak on behalf of all life-forms.
Teaching Story Good News for Today A story about Buddhist monks saving the forest by ordaining the trees.
Topic Racism Illustrations of ways we can gain a deeper understanding of racism in our world and develop empathy and compassion for its victims.

Our Philosophy

Reverence is the spiritual path of radical respect, courtesy, civility, manners, awe, and amazement. A way of seeing and being in life, it is best learned through example. S&P's Reverence Project identifies a wide range of resources that illustrate how it is expressed and acted upon. One of our goals is to show how reverence is a transformational practice both for individuals and societies. Our overview of the project includes our brainstorm on the many meanings and applications of reverence.