In 2015, when Spirituality & Practice moved from New York City to The Center for Spirituality & Practice in Claremont, California, a group of generous people became Founding Practicing Partners. Their recurring monthly gifts helped us cover the costs of moving our large library of books, DVDs, CDs, audio programs, and publication archives across the country and setting up a new physical space where students, professors, and volunteers can interact with the S&P team and connect with our virtual community.

With heartfelt thanks, we here display the names of those Founding Practicing Partners:

Sue Alexander, Carl J. Arico, Everett Arnold, Dwayne Bagley, Carolyn Bailey, William Banks, Brent Bill, Hugh N. Blair, Edith Bradberry, Carol Brainerd, Frederick Brockmeier, Judy Brown, Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat, Arlene Butler, Donna Chase, Marilee Comerford, Beverly Cone, Maryann Donohue-Lynch, Patricia Dungy, Dru Ferguson, Adrienne Fermoyle, Cecelia Frame, Sharon Goff, Patzia Gonzalez, Doreen Gordon, R. G. Hassett, Carolyn Hewitt, Elizabeth Hiteshew, Seung Hong, Michael Hoopes, Cullen Hornaday, Paulette Hubbard, Freda Iverson, Julie Kanak, Ann Kelly, Patricia Kibbe, Donald Koepke, Gertrudellen Kramer, Serge Leclerc, Kay Lindahl, Jim Lorentzen, Francisco Mantilla, Daniel Martin, Lisa Mayberry, Francis McDonald, Audrey Miller, SarahLee Morris, David Mowry, Leann Murphy, Susan Murphy, Peter J. Nagle, Nicole Norgaard, Mary Raines, Lauri Raymond, Martha Richardson, Sylvia Rieth, Nancy Rowe, Margaret Schmitz, Michael Sciretti Jr., Maggie Oman Shannon, Georgia Smith, Shari Sorbo, Robert Spitz, Patricia Stone, Glenda Stormes-Bice, Theresa Swain, Marguerite Sweeney, Martha Swords-Horrell, Bernadette Thibodeau, Marcie Lee Thomas, Susan Turpin, Jane Vennard, Christy L. Vogelsang, Donald F. Wheeler, Martha White, John Wilde, Marjorie Williams, Gail Williford, Karen Wolfson, Lois Wrightson, Sandra Yu