In the fall of 2015, Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat and Spirituality & Practice moved from their loft space in New York City to a new space in Claremont, California. Here are some pictures of this momentous process!

Our loft in Manhattan just before the packing begins. The trucks arrived on September 8th to load the library.

Meet Craig Weltha, interfaith minister and master packer. He packed more than 500 boxes!

Here's the stack that Craig is sitting atop in the above picture. You can see the numbered labels the movers used to keep track of everything.

Kelli Maguire, another interfaith minister assistant, took the first of many loads of documents to be shredded. This same cart made many trips to Good Will, which fortunately is only two blocks away from the loft.

Craig also packed up the binders that filled the bookcases in Frederic Brussat's office. Here's Fred reacting to the disappearance of his companions!

Our movers were California New York Express. After we filled up one 25' truck, they brought in a second one. It had a very appropriate name, we thought at the end of a long day.

Here's the view of the first truck out our window. Notice the little row of dollies with our books lined up by the door.

Darren, our Creative Director, can now add frieght elevator operator to his resume. Thank goodness, we have a freight elevator, but it still took more than 40 trips to get everything out.

Mary Ann wished the books and archives traveling mercies.

The truck arrives on Tuesday September 22 in Claremont and the unloading process begins.

Here are the stacks of boxes waiting to be brought upstairs to the new Center for Spirituality and Practice!

Meet Patricia Carlson who normally works from her home in Ithaca, New York, as our Program Director and Senior Editor but is in Claremont for a week helping Fred and Mary Ann to get everything set up.

The look of happiness on Fred is priceless as he unpacks his companion binders and places them in their new home.