Stillpoint has partnered with Spirituality & Practice to offer three introductory sessions with a spiritual director. Read more about this innovative program here.

Stillpoint is an open, inclusive community that exists to form deeply grounded spiritual directors, and to live together in a contemplative life of faith, spiritual practice, and action.

We’ve been training spiritual directors and offering programs for spiritual exploration and formation for more than 35 years.

We have been historically rooted in Southern California, but since 2008 we have trained people from all over the U.S. from our program base in Abiquiu, New Mexico.

We are rooted in the Christian tradition, but we honor and learn from Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Sufi, and Native traditions, especially from the contemplative, meditative, and mystical traditions within them.

We offer experientially based, hands-on learning that forms spiritual directors who are well equipped and deeply grounded in contemplative practice and faithful action.

We create spaces to learn and experience the “why” and the “how” of spiritual practices and that integrates contemplation and action in everyday life.

We cultivate connections and resources to help spiritual companions nurture their souls and sustain their practices for a lifelong spiritual journey.