This two-volume set is designed as a companion to the book Chanting: Discovering Spirit in Sound by Robert Gass. The author has selected his favorite traditional and contemporary chants from around the world. Volume One (Ecstasy, the Fire of Devotion) includes an Apache honoring song, a Hebrew chant from Yemen, the Sanskrit text of the Gayatri mantra, the Nicene Creed chanted by the monks of Keur Moussa, a Sufi zhikr, a Native American Round Dance song, a Hawaiian chant, a Hindu mantra, and others.

Volume Two (Stillness, the Journey Within) collects an equally diverse selection, including a Zuni chant to greet the new day chant, a fourteenth-century Latin chant, a Sanskrit prayer, a Peyote chant, the Islamic call to prayer, Gregorian chant by the monks of St. Peter in Solesmes, France, and a chant of the famous Buddhist mantra at the end of the Heart Sutra. This excellent devotional resource can be used to promote private spiritual attunement and communal solidarity.