American singer Danya Uriel and Israeli guitarist Eyal Rivlin comprise the Temple, a new musical group. In notes accompanying this top-drawer devotional CD, they state: "Our music is a carrier wave, a sonic container for prayer. These prayers are vibrations — frequencies with intention. Through the practice of chanting, we go beyond the meaning of the words. Through the practice of repetition, we attune ourselves to the essence of the phrase."

In the opening number, "Coming Home," they melodically convey in Hebrew the sacred delight of returning to the wholeness (and holiness) of the self. Danya's exquisite vocals make this a gem. The violin playing of Sandra Wong provides a beautiful undertow to "L'chah Dodi" that includes words from the Shabbat Evening Liturgy. "Ima" is a chant of gratitude to Mother Earth, and the final song "Shalom" is a tour de force call for peace, unification, connection, and bridge-building. The chant ends with a soundscape from the Old City of Jerusalem consisting of church bells, the Muslim call to prayer, and the Hebrew psalms recited at the Western Wall.

Hats off to Danya Uriel and Eyal Rivlin for this beautiful and spiritually bountiful collection of healing music that touches the heart!