Aine Minogue was born in Ireland and began playing the harp at the age of 12. She now lives in Massachusetts and has seven solo albums to her credit. This CD was inspired by her trek to many sacred sites in the lands of the Celts.

The ultimate spiritual pilgrimage we all take is the one from birth through life to death. But the Celtic people also have a long and illustrious tradition of sacred journeys to places where the two worlds meet. Those on pilgrimage in this tradition not only are blessed by the places they visit but they send out blessings as well. This reciprocity is mirrored beautifully in Aine Minogue's music and lyrics on this graceful and touching CD. She invites us to listen to her musical diary which expresses many of the devotional aspects of her pilgrimage.

One of our favorite selections is "Blessing" where she sings:

May the longtime sun shine on you,
all love surround you
and the pure light within you
guide you on your way.

The melody is as sweet as the sentiments. Minogue conveys all the delights and mysteries of a sacred journey where one must deal with great distances, tests, seeing with fresh eyes, magic, and the nurturing Sprit who sustains us on the ever twisting path.