According to singer/songwriter Sara Thomsen, there are two things we can depend upon: everything changes and life is filled with mysteries we cannot explain or understand. These two realities keep us on our toes at all times.

In Julio Numhauser's Todo Cambia, we learn that nature tutors us in the alchemy of change; we should not fear it but see it as part of an evolutionary process that often bring good things in it wake. In her own song, "I May Never Understand," Thomsen affirms the mysteries in the natural world and then marvels at how friends can become lovers. Sometimes this transformation goes beyond reason; other times, it can lead to "Forbidden Love."

It's wonderful to hear Thomsen repeatedly express her ability to rest in the riddle of not knowing. This spiritual practice is saluted within all mystical traditions and can be applied to the conundrums of human relationships. Living with mystery and accepting the surprises of change can lead to a deeper appreciation of beauty, which is admirably expressed in "The Beauty of the Dancer."

This CD also includes Thomsen's popular ballad "A Woman's Place," which was commissioned for the 2006 Women's Month at the College of St. Benedict, St. Joseph, Minnesota, and has won acclaim in several competitions. Everything Changes is her fourth solo album.