"Crochet is hands-on meditation," writes Cindy Crandall-Frazier in this alluring craft book. "It is intimate, and with it we can create beauty or we can compassionately warm another person. Meditation and intimacy with God, compassion for others — aren't these the concepts that are taught around the globe as responses to the Divine? Through crochet, we can also discover more of who we are and align ourselves with the Mystery of Creation. We can feel our roots and enjoy our flight. Between the threads of our daily rhythms and realities, our spirits can soar."

The author is an educator and member of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers). She begins with a chapter on the creative delights of crochet and ends with an inspiring meditation on other spiritual practices involving the hands. In between, she muses on plenty and limitation, crochet as a centering vehicle and a path to connection with God, the use of prayer beads, the importance of pathfinding, and ways to listen to your hands. From the author's perspective, everything we do is spiritual as long as it is done mindfully, inviting the Sacred into it.