Born in Portugal in 1974, Joma Sipe at an early age began his quest for meaning through the study of theosophy, Gnosticism, the Kabbalah, Hinduism, and other mystical traditions. Other influences on his creativity have been H. B. Blavatsky, Rudolf Steiner, G. I. Gurdjieff, Paramahansa Yogananda, and Eckhart Tolle. His theme is the light that "represents Being and our deeper Essence, the deep heart of the energy from life that inhabits everything that exists." This elegant paperback contains more than 100 full color photographs of his vibrant and visionary art and poetry.

Sipe has organized this paperback around various series of his art including chakra paintings; the Antahkarana; zodiacal, magical, and mystical mandalas; A Course in Miracles; meditations with the Tree of Life; sacred lines and poetry; the cathedrals of the soul; the portals of the Spirit; and inspired messages.

The use of light radiating through rectangles, circles, and triangles connects us with the eternal energy of the universe. Sipe's mystical and occult poems carry this process deeper into our consciousness. It is a good and fine thing to meditate on these illuminating creations since as Yogi Pashupatinath tells us: "You have come from light and you will go back to light."