Everyday Spirituality

Scratch the surface of every good thing in the world, and you'll find love.
Generosity: Love of giving freely
Listening: Love of tuning in
Keeping Promises: Love of following through
Forgiveness: Love of self
Peace: Love beyond self
Understanding: The love underneath it all
Curiosity: Love of knowledge
Justice: Love for fellow human beings.
— Addie Johnson in Life Is Sweet

Wise Advice

Gadzooks! What a big chunk of God is to be found by looking into the face of someone you love.
— Lona Landvik in Patty Jane's House of Curl

Folk Wisdom

If you have nothing to lose, you can try everything.
— Yiddish saying

Cultural Criticism

It's hard not to notice the ubiquitous presence of smartphones and tablets now in every hand. I've imagined a visitor from outer space sculpting an image of the human body: one hand would be shaped as a small rectangular object.
— Margaret Wheatley in Who Do We Choose to Be?

Movie Lines

Safety does not come first. Goodness, Truth and Beauty come first.
— Jean Brodie in The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie

Spiritual Quotation

From the rocking horse to the rocking chair, friendship keeps teaching us about being human.
— Letty Cottin Pogrebin in Among Friends


The art of questioning is . . . the quintessential element in all wisdom practices. As humorist James Thurber has said: "It is better to know some of the questions than all of the answers."
— Lama Surya Das in The Big Questions

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