Buddhist Wisdom

Take care of the body.
Respect and love it,
and it will give you
all that is required
on your journey.
— Donald Altman in Reflect


Respect is love in plain clothes.
— Frankie Byrne, Irish broadcaster

Catholic Wisdom

If we all carry a little of the burden, it will be lightened. If we share in the suffering of the world, then some will not have to endure so heavy an affliction. It evens out.
— Dorothy Day, Co-Founder of The Catholic Worker


God is a busy worker but loves to be helped.
— Basque Proverb


Different strokes for different folks.


May we embrace tolerance and truth
and the understanding that underlies both.

May we be inspired with vision and wonder.
May we be open to exploration.

May we merit these blessings,
and may they come to be.
— Marcia Falk in The Days Between

Breath Prayer

Breathing in: May I reach out . . .
Breathing out: With kindness

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