"We have already explored in John's Gospel something of meaning of faith and knowledge and have seen their interrelationship. Now we have examined some of the meaning of love. But even as faith and knowledge are related, so love is also related to faith, and knowledge to love. Both faith and love are categories of the soul; each one nourishes the other. And both faith and love lead to the knowledge of God. For the knowledge of God, as we have seen, is not an intellectual exercise but a soul exercise. It is an intimate knowing by experience, and it is love that leads us to such an experience. For this reason the knowledge of God is as available to the simplest and most humble among us as it is to the great and intellectually gifted. Irenaeus once stated the matter clearly when he wrote, 'It is therefore better and more profitable to belong to the simple and unlettered class, and by means of love to attain to nearness of God, than, by imagining ourselves learned and skilful, to be found among those who are blasphemous against their own God.' And from a contemporary source we are told, 'For to love another person is to see the face of God.' But this, as we have seen, is possible only when the hard, egocentric shell around the heart has been cracked so that the genuine Center can pour forth."