An Excerpt from Sacred Heart: Gateway to God by Wendy M. Wright

Wendy M. Wright explores the rich theological and devotional meanings of the tradition of the Sacred Heart in Catholic Christianity. Here is a poem she has written on faith.

If I Were

"If I were quite small,
the size of a gentle gesture,
the height of a look of love,
Perhaps I might find the hidden doorway to your heart.

"If I were quite spacious,
probing the limits of thought,
imagining infinity's end,
Perhaps I might glimpse the spaciousness of your heart.

"If I were to step beyond my bounded self,
recognize myself in others,
know their hearts as my own,
Perhaps I might emerge into your boundless heart.

"If I were to embrace the world's pain,
present to each beginning life,
suffering each sad end,
Perhaps I might touch the wounds etched in your heart.

"If I were to dream my day's desire,
beyond present possibility,
into the haunts of hope,
Perhaps I might desire the desires of your heart."