An Excerpt from Words of Gratitude: For Mind, Body, and Soul by Robert A. Emmons and Joanna Hill

In a soulful volume on gratitude, Robert A. Emmons and Joanna Hill present ways to cultivate this virtue. Here is a passage from the introduction by Brother David Steindl-Rast where he helps us to see another side of gratitude.

"By looking up, by raising our eyes above our limited horizon, we are more likely to perceive the blessings hidden in affliction. The delay of a gift may be as great a gift as the delayed gift itself. Late spring: great blessing. Gratefulness is not a state in which suffering and adversity are selectively ignored. Rather, gratefulness makes us focus on the opportunity that adversity offers, the opportunity of authentic spiritual growth. This turns suffering into growing pains. A bitter winter brings a sweet summer. If we dare to taste even the bitterness as a gift, it will bring about sweetness. We will find that Not a single season is without fruit (Turkish), and Everything is good in its season (Italian).