"One implication of rebirth, of having been associated with others in many situations, is that we should take joy in their success, thereby undermining the hold of worldly concerns. Take a simple example: Suppose you’ve looked hard for a parking place and finally see it, but somebody comes and takes it. Why get involved in confining thoughts of getting and losing? It’s rather useless to feel, 'Hey, you son of a bitch, you took my space!' That person’s quite happy: 'I got a space!' Why not take delight in that other person’s finding a place? Complaining won’t help anyway. You were not even giving up the parking place; you saw it, and as you were driving your car there, someone beat you to it. Why not take delight in that person’s joy at getting a parking place? Why not? Nothing to lose. You’re frustrated at the person because your pleasure at finding a parking place was blocked, but you make yourself even more unhappy by carrying on about it, which in the long run is indeed insignificant. Try it; see how it feels.”