• "Nothing is as liberating as joy. It frees the mind and fills it with tranquility."

• "Finding true joy is the hardest of all spiritual tasks. If the only way to make yourself happy is by doing something silly, do it."

• "Depression does tremendous damage. Use every ploy you can think of to bring yourself to joy."

• "If you don't feel happy, pretend to be. Even if you are downright depressed, put on a smile. Act happy. Genuine joy will follow."

• "Get in the habit of singing a tune. It will give you new life and fill you with joy."

• "Always wear a smile. The gift of life will then be yours to give."

• "Sometimes, people are terribly distressed but have no one to whom they can unburden themselves. If you come along with a happy face, you cheer them and give them new life."

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