"There is no Christian, Buddhist, Hindu or Judaic truth. There is Truth/Reality and there is delusion.

"It is not a matter of choosing between Christianity and Buddhism. They do not collide in me, they are complementary. This complementarity may be easier to understand to the upright Buddhist than to the more dogmatically programmed Christian believer.

"Under the starry summery sky, hearing the song of the cicadas, musing on those I love, on this beloved earth, on living, on dying, I am a Buddhist. Going indoors, switching on the radio, glancing at the headlines, I hear His cry: 'Why hast Thou forsaken Me? . . .'

"To be committed to Truth/Reality does not carry any obligation to join any group, movement, church or party. Even less does it oblige me to any kind of religious, sectarian, ethnic, national, political self-labeling. It compels me to refrain from any such labeling and joining.”