"Many people find that a simple physical tapping of the grief point produces a balance of energy in this area of the chest that encourages a deeper surrender into compassion. There evolves an increasing trust in the process.

"Some people lightly tap the touch point of the heart in harmony with their breath or in rhythm with their walking in order to call the heart out of the shadows and aid us in our time of need.

"In Japanese tradition, when a loved one dies, the mourners often wear white and shave their heads. Everyone in the community recognizes this gesture of love and joins in their prayer as they pass on the road. Perhaps one day we may see people tapping their hearts in rhythm with their steps as they walk down the street, and our community will be so connected that it awakens together, tapping for the good of the whole as they pass.

"Tapping the heart is a powerful technique for getting through levels of numbness and unfinished business; it draws awareness and, thus, healing into that area. It encourages a merciful connection with the blockages to the heart, a shedding of our slowly accumulated armoring composed of layer after layer of disappointment and unresolved vulnerabilities.

"Many people walk around most of their lives with holes in the center of their chests. By tapping the heart, we harmonize with the rhythm of the universe.

"The area around the heart point may be numb. Numbness is not a sign of lack but, rather, of presence. Inside most numbness is a considerable amount of sensation. As the heart is retrieved, there may arise an increasing intensity of sensation in the grief point as it is slowly cleared by the heart breath and a tapping of resources to reveal the touch point of the heart."