Reversing on Fear and Anxiety (or Anger and Frustration, or Guilt and Resentment)

"To clear and change the past, reverse on either of the three following pairs of emotions, in whichever order you want: a) fear and anxiety, b) anger and frustration, c) guilt and resentment. Breathe out three times. Return to the first time you felt fear and anxiety. What was the event? Where in your body is it located? Who were the people involved? Feel the emotional pain. Breathe out once. Move forward to the next event you can remember where you felt fear and anxiety (or anger and frustration or guilt and resentment). Do so for as many events as you can remember where you felt fear and anxiety, etc. Then move forward in time until you reach the present moment."

Tikkun Exercise

"Breathe out three times. Imagine that you have a strong garden broom. Return back through all the emotional places you have just visited, sweeping from those places out to the left all the resonances of fear and anxiety. If there are people involved you don't want in your life anymore, sweep them out to the left also. If the sweeping doesn't do it, use a powerful garden hose or a knife. Continue back through all the places where you have identified fear and anxiety, until you reach the first memory. Having cleared that, return into your mother's womb, and see yourself bathing in God's clear waters on this Earth."

A New Past, New Present

"Breathe out once. Imagine being born perfectly and journeying through all those places that have been swept clear of the old resonances. Pass, unfettered and free, creating your new past until you come to your new present."

A New Future

"Breathe out once. See yourself in your new future. See yourself in a month's time. What do you look like? Where are you? Are you alone or with others? What are you doing? What is the feeling? Breathe out once. See yourself in three months' time. What do you look like now? Breathe out once. In a year's time; breathe out once. In five years' time. Breathe out once. Return to your new present, feel yourself in your new life, with your new past and your new future anchoring you firmly in the new present."

Sweeping the Dead Leaves

"Breathe out three times. You are standing on the porch of an old country cottage. The floor is covered with dead leaves. Using a sturdy garden broom sweep them into a heap then, breathing out once, sweep the heap off the porth to the left. Breathe out and open your eyes."