"Connecting to the Present Moment Through the Power of Now
"Take a breath; take a break. Cultivate the power of the present moment by entering into the holy now.

"To do this meditation, just make yourself comfortable. Lie, sit, stand. It doesn't matter.

"Breathe in slowly through your nostrils.

"As you breathe in, repeat this inner mantra to yourself: 'Just this, here now.'

"As you breathe out, repeat again, 'Just this, here now.' Use this mantra as an inner form of prayer or chant of contemplation and meditation.

"Inhale  . . .  Just this, here now.

"Exhale  . . .  Just this, here now.

"There is nothing but this moment. This sacred moment. Just this, here now.

"Let everything else subside, and just go with the natural flow of things, left just as they are. Trust it.

"There is no greater miracle than this. Just this, here now.

"There is nowhere else to go, nowhere else to be than just this, here now.

"This is the moment we've been waiting for. This is the great crossroads of past and future. This is the goal of our journey. Just this, here now.

"There is nothing extra to get rid of and nothing missing that we need to find — just this glorious, radiant, abundant here  . . .  now.

"Right here is how we find ourselves, just as we are. Just this.

"Right here is where eternity and infinity converge in the present moment. Right here is the gateway to infinity, to the timeless. Just this. Here now.

"This is the eternal moment, the mystical instant, the timeless time beyond time and space — yet totally, precisely present. Just this. Here now.

"Don't miss it."