" 'Humility is endless,' T. S. Eliot says, and so is the heart's desire, lasting through all the separations of the will. By always rejoining the human race, each and every time I meet with a reverse to my will, I am able always to find again the way of the heart. It is like finding a path in a forest damp after rain, a trail that is difficult to make out. You cannot seem to find it by close scrutiny, and you have to look away for a moment and rest your eyes, and only then look back again, with fresh eyes now, to discern the path. I cannot seem to find the path in the direction I have been looking, the direction of my will, and so I have to look away and then look back again, in the direction I have not been looking, and there find the way of the heart. When I have to give up my will's direction, it feels like humility, and there seems no end of the number of times in my life when this seems called for, always another time, as if humility were indeed endless. This humility, of letting go, of looking away, of looking back again, allows me to pass from the high road of the will to the low road of the heart's desire."