"Our word 'sleep' comes from the German word 'schlaff' which means 'loose.' To sleep, then, or to nap is to 'hang loose,' to be un-tight and to let go. Sleep at night or in short periods before bedtime is a beautiful expression of prayer since it is resting in God. It is letting go of our control of life. Sleep is a parable on prayer and it is also prayer. If we look only at the front side of sleep we might miss hidden implications. All things have a front and back door, and we should not be satisfied just to enter ideas from the front side only. The front door of sleep is bodily rest, but where does the back door lead?

"The back door leads to the Prayer of Napping as an external sacrament of the inner ability to 'let go' of managing every aspect of our lives. It is an expression that we are able to allow the Divine Mystery to take over in the midst of troubles and deadlines. It is an expression of faith that the Divine Presence is even concerned with our seemingly common work and difficulties. Sleep is a form of humility for it says, 'God is saving the world.' To let go for coffee breaks or naps and to do so without guilt allows God a chance to save the world!"