Here Is Where Your Love Was Born

Let your shoulders drop and your eyes close.
Soften your muscles and remember a child's
Breathe deeply and let your busy thoughts fade
There is a place of stillness and quiet
underneath your thoughts.
Here is where your love was born.

Some call it meditation.
Some call it relaxation.
Some call it prayer.
Whatever you call it,
do it.
It is the center
from which the rest of your life emerges.
Without it
your relationship is a carefully acted play."

Love Is the Basic Energy of Life

"Love is the basic energy of life.
Nothing can stop your love from growing
because everything is fuel for its fire.
Like a tree that bends easily in the wind,
it accommodates to the natural events of life
and does not become overwhelmed.
It uses the times we call good
to fashion dances of joy.
It uses the times we call bad
to create the depths of our compassion.
Nothing is wasted.
Nothing is lost.

When you promise each other
to be there 'in sickness and in health'
you cooperate with the energy of love
which uses all circumstances
for its own good purposes.
Don't be discouraged by trials you now face.
Burn them in the furnace of your heart
and turn them into life's own energy."

The Way You Treat Each Other

The love you give each other
can be your greatest service.
Like ripples in a pond
your love spreads out in circles
and changes all it touches.
The way you treat each other
becomes the way you treat all things.

I have met many people
who love their important causes
but treat those closest to them
with contempt.
If you wish to live lives of service
learn to cherish each other fully.
This will lead not to self-absorption
but to greater compassion for all."