Band-Aid Bear

"Full disclosure: nobody knows the real name of this bear. It’s not that it wasn’t loved; that much, Michael knows for sure. But since most lovies are named for their salient feature — Blankie, Doggie, Fuzzy — what could you possibly call this optically challenged little guy but Band-Aid Bear? The Band-Aid was affixed there with best intentions by Michael's mom. The bear was missing an eye and this cure was close at hand — unfortunately, what was supposed to be a subtle fix turns out to be, like a bad toupee, the one thing you can't help staring at. You can’t look at Band-Aid Bear for one second without thinking 'boo-boo'."


"It’s clear that Gonks has a big heart and he's the kind of guy who stands out in a crowd. When he enters a room, his orange hair, goofy grin, and lanky flowery limbs make it hard not to notice him. But this wasn't always so. Back in the days of disco, Gonks resided in Julie's bedroom, which, de rigeur in those days, was done up in hot pink and lime-green flowered wallpaper. In such psychedelic surroundings, Gonks was nothing more than a wallflower.

Disco decorating safely in the past, Gonks has now returned to his rightful place in the limelight."