"The yogi who is
always fully satisfied,
whose self is controlled,
being of firm resolve;
Whose mind and discernment
are focused on me,
whose love is offered to me —
that one is dearly loved by me.

"One before whom the world
is not disturbed,
and who is not disturbed
by the world;
Who is freed from elation,
impatience, fear,
and anxiety —
that one also
is dearly loved by me.

"One who is impartial, pure,
capable, detached,
free from anxiety;
Who has completely
relinquished all undertakings —
that one, who offers love to me,
is dearly loved by me.

"One who neither
relishes nor loathes,
who neither
laments nor desires,
Relinquishing the pleasant
and the unpleasant —
that one, who is filled
with offerings of love,
is dearly loved by me.

"The same toward both
enemy and friend,
honor and dishonor;
The same in cold and heat,
happiness and suffering;
freed from attachment;

"One for whom blame
and praise are equal,
who is disciplined in speech,
satisfied with whatever
comes of its own accord;
Who is without
[attachment to] home,
who is of steady mind,
replete with offerings of love —
such a person is dearly loved by me.

"Indeed, this is the immortal
essence of dharma,
which has been declared;
those who participate in
this worship fully,
Who have faith,
who are devoted to me,
who have offered their love —
they are most dearly loved by me."